Suzuyo System Technology Interests in Cooperation with Unitech

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On Oct 09th, received a delegation from Suzuyo System Technology (SST) – a subsidiary of Suzuyo Group Japan to visit for the first time.

Formed since 1801 and going through more than 200 years of development, Suzuyo Group is apparent among the most long-standing and multi-service groups in Japan. Holding about 140 subsidiaries operating inland and abroad, Suzuyo Group is well-known for its business diversity, from logistics, transportation services, construction and maintenance to foods production (particularly foods for special health uses), shopping centers, IT, travel and sports, etc

As one of the members that belong to Suzuyo Group, SST specializes in IT field who is responsible for developing and managing IT systems for the rest subsidiaries of the Group. Not limiting itself to domestic business, SST sets its wings to the foreign markets and is in the look for outsourcing and offshoring partners.

Realizing that the two companies are sharing a lot of similarities both in operation area and needs, SST had decided to appoint its two high-ranking officials, Mr. Toshitaka Aono – Executive Director and Mr. Yuji Mizuno – Deputy General Manager of IT Sales Division, to pay a visit to Unitech. During the reception, Unitech representative introduced the company’s overview and its activities. SST, as for its part, expressed deep concern and interest in the cooperation opportunities between the two companies, notably in Unitech’s young, dynamic human resource who have profound technological expertise and Japanese language fluency and who can play the role of bridge engineers for SST and Unitech.

As a conclusion, SST and Unitech agreed to continue exchange information so as to soon turn the opening-wide opportunity into reality.

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