Unitech & Dennogo Promote Relationship

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In order to promote the mutual relationship, on April 16th, delegation from Dennogo Japan paid a visit to United Technology Corporation. On behalf of Unitech staff, Mr. Phan Minh Tien – Unitech CEO together with other CTOs warmly welcomed distinguished Japanese guests and their Vietnamese colleagues leaded by Mr. Michiyuki Kawai – Dennogo CEO, Mr. Osawa Yasuhiro – Senior Volunteer of QUATEST 3, Dennogo’s Consultant and Mr. Nguyen Tan Binh – Director of Smart View, Vice Director of Dennogo Vietnam.

Specializing in IT human resources training, embedded software development and software outsourcing and in searching for capable and reliable partners in Vietnam, Dennogo has set up relationship with Unitech. Through initial contact and cooperation steps, the two parties realized each other’s potentiality in many fields, especially in software outsourcing and establishing outsourcing center in Danang city. In the meeting, Mr. Kawai reported the progress made by the Japanese side regarding the establishment of the software outsourcing center on the basis of preliminary discussions since January 2008. Unitech and Dennogo also talked over directions for next moves to be taken in the future.

As addressed by Mr. Phan Minh Tien in the discussion, the establishment of the software center in Danang is regarded as a breakthrough and a brand new model in Vietnam which will act as the convergence point to attract highly skilled, foreign-language-fluent, cultural and working-style sensitive engineers. Achieving this will means increasing the opportunities to receive outsourcing projects from Japan as well as from other markets worldwide. Having those perspective in mind, Unitech commits to take part in making the model into fact along with Dennogo and other partners.

After the working session, the two parties agreed, to the full of each other’s capability, to have continued strengthening and expansion of the cooperative relationship, creating a firm bridge for mutual exchanging and supporting between Japanese and Vietnamese IT markets.

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