For the purpose of establishing long-term relationship with customers, Unitech defines the following three engagement models. By adopting one of these flexible and versatile models, we aims at providing consistent and continous support to our customers, together with them achieving their business objectives.

Full Time Equivalent

Full Time Equiqualent (FTE): dedicated resources are assigned solely for the purpose of client’s projects. Resources can be of different roles: project manager, designer, analyst, developer, tester or QA.

Opt for Onsite FTE if:

  • The project and its data is highly secured
  • Software requirements are to be gathered in a very short timeframe
  • FTE resources are required to interact with many local IT personnel
  • Initial training for software development is required or to be imparted continously
Opt for Offsite FTE if:

  • You would like to extend your virtual staff to our development center, be released from team hiring and management while taking advantages of our low billing rate
  • FTE resources are to have expertise in a specific busines domain or vertical
  • Continuous upgrades or enhancement to the software are expected
  • Maintenance and support are to be succeeded to developed modules for sub-systems
  • Your IT personnel needs to work with our FTE resources for full completion of project tasks
Time and Materials

When the requirements of the project evolve over times, Time and Materials (T&M) model is the one that best suits. In this case, the project effort, i.e, the number of hours spent, is either defined or left open-ended. Under this model, clients are billed monthly or on another regular basis.

Give this model a try if:

  • Requirements or specifications of the application being developed tend to evolve at any stage during the project development
  • It is unlikely that the duration of the project is accurately anticipated
  • Changes to the software architecture or structure have high chances to occur
  • You would like to have Materials delivered within specific Time frame
Fixed-Price Projects

This model allow our customers to get a predictable budget, timeline and cost. Fixed-price project model, or sometimes called Fixed Duration/Cost model is found most common in cases where the project size is small or medium and the end-user is also the buyer of the product or service.

Give this model a try if:

  • The requirements are clear or have been specified to a level of details that are testable
  • The duration of the project is anticipated to be low
  • Software implementation is tightly constrained within budget and timescale
  • Feature or function enhancement only happen after implementation phase, and not during development phase

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