If you still wonder whether your work is handled properly where right things are done in the right way, Unitech can give our commitment to total quality management. Unitech Quality Management System is not only built in compliance with CMMI Development level 3 model and ISO 9001:2015 standard, but also evolving over the years with lessons learned from our real projects.

For large-scale projects, Unitech’s product and service quality is guaranteed by Testing and Quality Assurance at different levels, Metrics Definition, monitoring and control, and the ability to decide tailored technical and supporting processes.

To support fast development, we focus on making Agile and DevOps to work in tandem to foster fast development and create further collaboration. We “use the agile methodology as a motivator for developing a DevOps culture.”

Continual improvement is the motto of Unitech quality practices. Our Quality Control Board is responsible for continuous review and appraisal of current processes against the actual business and process needs for improvement. Getting sponsorship commitment from the Board of Management, Unitech’s Quality Control Board has full competence to identify and implement improvement initiatives. The ultimate objective is to achieve consistent delivery of products and services with the lowest rate of defects.

Unitech’s quality management process suite covers all areas of the organization operations, including following subprocesses:

  • Acquisition and Supply
  • Project Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Support
  • Organizational Process
  • Operational Support

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