Unitech Corporation is built based upon best business and process models and best practices in the IT industry, with the purpose of becoming a multi-service, multi-area corporation, effectively playing in IT and IT-related business. Unitech is the place of idea-concentration, creation-growing, gathering highly skilled, ambitious, pro-active and socially responsive specialists. Under the philosophy “United people, unique solutions”, we gather, unify talents to create superior, optimal, most effective and efficient solutions for our customers. Unitech’s long-term goal is striving to be a leading software outsourcing company and solution provider in Vietnam.


Optimal solutions with low cost

By exercising efficient and cost-effective approaches that speak to our technologies competence and know-how abilities, we commit to delivering best solutions with lowest cost to our customers.

Highly managed process

We, at Unitech, define a clear-cut and well-tuned process for product and service development, ensuring both ISO and CMMI L3 compliance, and our capability to deliver error-free and timeline-satisfying products and services.

Proven industry expertise & experience

Our human pool possesses wide range of skills and deep experiences across industries, which allow them to successfully address customer’s needs along with the help of cutting-edge technologies.

Adaptable & affordable dev team

We provide flexible and size-adjustable teams of professionals depending on our customer’s needs. Locating in the central region of Vietnam gives us the competitive advantage of having highly skilled personnel with local cost.


Always instilled with the mission to bring satisfaction and delight to customers, we address any questions, concerns or ideas coming from the customer’s side with apt explanations, friendly discussions and to the point decisions.

Seamless communication

We highly appreciate the technology competence, but not less significantly, the language ability to guarantee unimpeded communication. We are always available for quick response to customers regardless of different time zones.


Phan Minh Tien

Chairman / CEO / Founder

  • Over 20 years of experience in training, audit, finance and IT management domains
  • Used to play as financial consultant for a number of large companies
  • Directed successful development of software systems for enterprises as well as for governmental organizations
  • One of pioneers and strategists in technology management, making considerate contribution to Danang city’s sofware industry

Su Huy

Vice President / Founder

  • Over 12 years working in IT industry in Hungary and Vietnam. Intensive understanding of enterprise and E-government systems
  • Managed large E-goverment projects, covering approximately 300 deployment sites nationwide
  • Used to be head of software development departments of over 50 employees
  • One of key contributors that helps local E-governance to take shape

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